Friday, August 6, 2010

Urban Green Herons

In my 50-years of birding, I do not believe I ever observed Green Herons on a city sidewalk or, for that matter, perched in a conifer. But that is exactly what we found as we toured Minneapolis with out-of-town family on Friday morning.  These recently fledged herons were in the Walker Sculpture Garden.  (Unfortunately I did not pack my camera and resorted to taking these photos with my cell phone.)
Adequate habitat and food sources did not seem to be at hand, except, perhaps, in Loring Park on the far side of busy Hennipen Avenue.  Perhaps the herons were feeding on dragonflies in the grass.  The dragonflies appear to be Common Green Darners, found across most of Minnesota.  These darners are interesting because they one of the few dragonflies that are migratory. Many (but not all) populations migrate from Canada and the northern states to southern parts of the United States. We did not observe the herons feeding, and although the species primarily eats fish, the literature does mention their occasionally consuming insects.

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