Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bay-breasted Warbler 2

Because this bird clearly shows fairly bight chestnut sides, this Bay-breasted Warbler is readily identifiable.  Compare it to the drab bird that I've copied from my 5 September 2010 post.  Not only is this new bird, banded on Sunday, brighter than most fall birds, the sides of the face are also darker than most. Both of these birds were young of the year, although I assume the one above is a male. Most fall Bay-breasted Warblers show only a hint of chestnut on their flanks.
If you are interested in improving your warbler identification skills, the Peterson Field Guides Warblers is an excellent resource.  When I am banding, I always have it nearby. In future blogs, I will try to recommend other books for a birder's library.

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