Sunday, May 1, 2011

Common Moorhen

Common Moorhens are not common in Minnesota.  Kim Eckert, in his A Birder's Guide to Minnesota, writes that moorhens are "uncommon and very local in SE...often quite difficult to find...and seldom seen in migration."  Erika and I were disappointed when  Dave B. reported finding a Common Moorhen at River Bend Nature Center on Saturday morning (30 April 2011)--we had a busy day planned.  Late in the afternoon we drove down to Faribault, where River Bend is located.  We searched the pond near the lower parking lot, as per instructions from Dave, and had turned away unsuccessful.  I looked back as we were leaving and spied our quarry.  This photo was the best I managed to take of this coot-like rail, a common denizen of in the Old World, the southern United States, and Central and South America).

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