Monday, May 14, 2012

Band-winged Dragonlet

After Harlingen, Texas, we spent three days in the Rio Grand Valley, with our headquarters at Mission.  Our favorite birding area was the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge. This refuge is large and diverse. With our Federal Senior Pass, admission was free (unlike various state and county parks). We made three visits to the refuge and saw different birds each time.

One of my favorite critters, however, was not a bird, but this Band-winged Dragonlet. What a wonderful name! Our odonate chasing was crippled by our malfunctioning camera. The dragonlet often spends time in forests, which is where we found this one. I am not sure of this individual's sex, as dragonlets come as males (or females) or as andromorph females. Andromorphs look like males and may thereby avoid being harassed by amorous males.

Band-winged Dragonlets may be partially migratory. They are known from Argentina north into the United States (to Ohio, Georgia, and Florida) (Dragonflies and Damselflies of the West).

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