Friday, September 21, 2012

White-crowned Sparrow

We arrived in Olympia, Washington, last April, our granddaughter having the courtesy to wait to be born until after we listed our first-ever Rock Sandpiper. We spent the next week tending to children and a newborn, and thus had little time for birding. Our son keeps a feeder, and I was able to take photos of a few interesting birds.

White-crowned Sparrows are common in Olympia and their distinctive calls can even be heard in downtown areas of the city. (The call file is courtesy of Thayer Birding Software.) Some time ago I wrote about the four races of White-crowned Sparrow. Because we were on Puget Sound, it stands to reason this bird is Zonotricha leucophrys pugetensis (a race unlikely to be encountered in Minnesota). Confirming field-marks include the white lores and yellow (rather than orange) bill.

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