Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dark-eyed Junco

This week we witnessed a huge influx of Dark-eyed Juncos. Most are the slate-colored form. Two were the Oregon race (see lower photo and post of 23 March 2010). The bird above was feeding on a dead weed, either eating seeds or searching for insect larvae. Note that this junco is probably mine—the band is still new and shiny, and the band is on the left leg. Although I banded 197 juncos this week, very few of the birds currently at the feeders, and neither of two Oregon Juncos, are ringed—yet.
Speaking of banded birds, fewer banded birds are reported to the Bird Banding Office now than in the 1920s and 30s. Several hypotheses are suggested. Are permits these days restricted to specific scientific studies and not issued to “recreational” banders, resulting in fewer birds banded or recovered? Are people now less willing to cooperate with the Federal government? Are folks worried about legal ramifications of reporting dead migratory songbirds? Are young people glued to their video games and less likely to be exploring outdoors? Are fewer people hunting and not outdoors?

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