Thursday, July 18, 2013

Plains Clubtail

This Plains Clubtail greeted us on a hot afternoon in Carleton College’s arboretum prairie. You can tell it is hot too by the raised tail, obelisk fashion, towards the sun. As its name suggests, the Plains Clubtail ranges widely across the American Midwest. They are partial to muddy streams and rivers, and, although this clubtail was in upland prairie, undoubtedly they breed in and along the nearby Cannon River.

The New York Times recently posted an interesting video of dragonflies. They claim that dragonflies are the planet’s most efficient predators. Lions only capture about 25% of the prey they pursue. Dragonflies kill 95% of their prey! Perhaps not surprisingly, much dragonfly research is supported by the military, which sees the insect as the ultimate precision drone.

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