Saturday, July 13, 2013

Review: Audio Companion for the Warbler Guide

Cornell Ornithology Lab has published audio files to accompany The Warbler Guide, recently reviewed in this blog. These audio files, over 1000, can be played on the mp3 player of your choice. I downloaded them onto my computer and play them with iTunes. (Downloading is trouble-free.) Here is an excellent way to learn warbler calls. Amazingly, The Warbler Guide Companion files only costs $5.99. Although designed to correlate page-by-page with the book, you do not have to buy The Warbler Guide to purchase the companion files.

Study the sonogram in the photo above.  Play the song while you study the sonogram. In iTunes, the sonogram appears as the album cover at the same time the song plays. It is that easy.

These files contain all the species covered in The Warbler Guide. Also included are files on “Understanding Sonograms,” “How to Listen to Warbler Songs,” and “Learning Chip and Flight Calls.” Finally, “The Warbler Guide Audio Companion Booklet,” a short .pdf file, describes sonogram technology and how to use it.

As with the book, birders of all abilities will enjoy these files. They can be purchased and downloaded on line at The book can also be purchased at that site, or at a bookseller of your choice.

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  1. Thanks for recommending this. I think I've learned more about bird songs and identifying them in my first half-hour of listening to this this than I had in my whole life up to that point.

    The book, too: saw a few fall warblers in my backyard and ID'd them immediately rather than fumbling through multiple guides comparing different features and hoping the fall plumages shown were complete.

    I'm already itching for similar volumes on Sparrows, Flycatchers, Vireos, Thrushes, etc....