Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bay-breasted Warbler

I mentioned the importance of backing up files in my series of posts on digital photography. The subject is worth mentioning again. I back up all my files twice on two external hardrives. I save my RAW, TIFF, and JPG files. 

Why save RAW files after they have been processed? In one of my previous posts, I warned about technology advancing, leaving your old files behind. This photograph of a male Bay-breasted Warbler is a good example. In 2001, when I began taking digital photographs, I saved all my photos as GIF files. I was told that such files were the most robust. I did not save the other formats. Now I wish I had saved them all. Note the choppy patterns in the background. Now I wish I could backtrack and produce higher quality images.

This photograph is the only one I have of a male Bay-breasted Warbler. I took the photo in 2001 in South Dakota, where it is a relatively uncommon migrant. I am surprised that I have not banded a spring male here in Minnesota, where the species is much more common. I have previously blogged about fall Bay-breasted Warblers, and you can find these notes by entering the species’ name in the search box on the right column of this blog (or by using the index at the top of the page).

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