Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Highway 77 Bridge

A good place to bird when time is limited when you are in the Minneapolis metro area is the Old Highway 77 Bridge, just south of Cedar Avenue where it crosses the Minnesota River. This area is part of the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge. Especially noteworthy is a short boardwalk that leads across a marsh just south of the parking lot. Plans are to convert the old bridge into a bicycle/foot path, which will afford interesting birding opportunities. Now, however, bridge access is closed. I have never had any problem, but I have been told by a few birders to never leave anything visible in your car and not to put anything in your trunk while at the parking lot, for fear of vandalism.

Anyway, on Friday, 22 August 2014, Erika and I visited the area. We did not list too many species, but we did enjoy finding a Green Heron perched high atop a huge dead tree next to a pond. You usually expect to find this heron on the ground in the marsh vegetation. I posted several other Green Heron photographs in a previous post. It did not help that two workmen puttered about in a noisy ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle).

We were surprised that the small pond alongside the parking lot was drained, just a muddy surface with a creek running through it. We did photograph a relatively tame Solitary Sandpiper. Last May I posted several other photos of this species and wrote about its food habits.


  1. Your blog is a wonderful find - thanks!

    1. Thanks Lois. Always good to hear from folks who enjoy the blog. I obviously like writing it!