Monday, September 1, 2014

Lance-tipped Darner

On 30 August 2014, Erika and I found several darners flying about a pond at the River Bend Nature Area near Faribault, Minnesota. Flying darners are difficult to photograph. I was disappointed in this one “perfect” shot—a Lance-tipped Darner. You can even see the spines at the end of its abdominal appendages. In the field, the darners appeared to have bright blue-spotted abdomens that contrasted with bright green thorax stripes—perhaps Canada Darners. But, back home, the photographs showed less striking, but, nonetheless, beautiful stripes. One blurry photo seems to show an individual with striking blue thorax stripes—a field mark of the Canadian species. Possibly both darner species were present, but I only came home with Lance-tips.

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  1. Dan, it's beautiful! I don't think there's anything to be disappointed by!