Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Common Whitetail

Two juvenile, male Common Whitetails on 25 May are the second and third odes of 2015 in Erika’s garden. The first was a shy damsel a couple of weeks ago who refused to be photographed. As this dragonfly matures, the tail will become a chalky bluish-white. The broad, black wing bands and the jagged, yellow lateral abdomen stripe are both good identification marks. As you see here, Common Whitetails often perch on the ground.

Male Common Whitetails are highly territorial. Subordinate males male share territory space, the these males are not allowed access to females. Larger males hold bigger territories, and mate more often than smaller individuals. Copulation lasts three seconds. Females, while guarded by their mate, may lay up to 1000 eggs at a rate of 25 per second Paulson.

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