Saturday, April 16, 2016

Stalking the Wild Ephemerals

Two days ago, on 14 April 2016, Bloodroot popped out from under the leaves in our front yard. This Bloodroot patch was our first spring ephemeral to appear last year. One of the highlights of each year is our hunt for these wildflowers. Ephemerals, unable to tolerate shade, are the first flowers to bloom in the spring. They last only until the forest leafs out.

The next day, Erika and I hunted ephemerals at the Cannon River Wilderness Area.  This county park, hardly a wilderness, is near Northfield.  We listed the typical first-blooming wildflowers. Here are the flowers we found, beginning with another Bloodroot. I have linked the species’ names to previous blog posts. There you can find more information on each flower.

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