Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Solomon’s Seals

Erika and I try to take daily walks along area natural areas. One of our favorites is the McLane Creek Nature Trail. When we visited about two weeks ago, we had to share the trail with way too many people—most without virus masks and some not respecting safe distances. On that trip, however, we did take two wildflower photos. Both were out of focus. Early morning on 20 May 2020, being drizzling seemed like a good bet for a day without other people. We rediscovered both wildflowers, both lillies closely related to Solomon’s seals.

The first is Smith's Fairybells (aka Largeflower Fairybells) Disporum smithii. This flower is native to western North America from Vancouver Island in British Columbia south to central California. It grows in shady forest and woodland. The second wildflower is Star-flowered False Solomon’s Seal, Maianthemum stellatum. It is native across much of North America, from Alaska to California to North Carolina and Newfoundland, plus northern Mexico.

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