Friday, July 31, 2020

Pale Snaketail

Erika and I returned to the area near the mouth of the Black River south of Olympia on 29 July 2020. Snaketails were our quarry. We began at the Oakville # 2 Chehalis River Boat Launch. We vowed to turn around if there were other people, but we had the parking-lot to ourselves. We got out of the car and this snaketail flew up and landed a few feet in front of us. Never has a target species been so easy to find!

Snaketails are found near rivers. Males perch on sand, rocks, or on twigs over their streams. They often prefer riffles. They spend more time perched than they do in flight (Paulson 2019). Thus our parking-lot visitor was somewhat out of normal habitat.

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