Saturday, October 17, 2020

Snow Goose

On 14 October 2020 Erika and I found two Snow Geese among a flock of some 80 Cackling Geese along the Nisqually refuge dike. Their gray plumage indicates they were young birds. Snow Geese breed north of the treeline from Northeastern Russia and Alaska across Arctic Canada. Most winter in various regions of the United States and Mexico. Snow Geese in Washington breed in Wrangel Island, east of northern Alaska in Russia. These geese make long-distance, high altitude migrations, stopping in western Alaska, and then continuing to two wintering areas—about half fly to southwest British Columbia and along the Skagit River north of Seattle; the others to southern Oregon and the Central Valley of California. Many of these northern wintering birds slowly continue through the fall to the more southern wintering areas. About 10% of the Wrangle birds fly up the Mackenzie River Valley and then down through the Central Flyway and back over to Oregon or California. 

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