Saturday, August 21, 2021

Brown Pelican

A flock of five immature Brown Pelicans were reported on the two days prior to 17 August 2021 off North Point, Olympia. Erika and I, busy with other endeavors, did not initially chase after these wonderful birds. We saw pelicans during our recent trip to the beach, and we encountered one in Olympia once before. We found ourselves near North Point on the 17th, so we stopped there. Birding can be so frustrating—but these pelicans surprised us by how easy these big bird were to see—they were right in front of a parking area. Brown Pelicans wander into Washington waters after breeding in California. They become common on the coast. Most return to California in the fall. I suspect that young birds like these, at the base of Puget Sound, may find it difficult to find their way back home.

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