Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Fork-tailed Storm-Petrel

Storm-petrels are small, tube-nosed seabirds that are found in most of the world’s oceans. They do most of their foraging in flight, fluttering over the water, their feet dangling behind them, as they eat zooplankton, small fish, squid and small crustaceans. Their feet often dangle behind them and, consequently, storm-petrels are often called “Jesus Christ Birds.” 

Photographing a storm-petrel was one of my goals on my 29 July 2021 venture out to sea. On a foggy, windy day like this one, a photographer has to be satisfied with what he can capture. Fork-tailed Storm-Petrels are abundant breeders in Alaska casually south to northern California and along the northeast Asian coast. After breeding, these storm-petrels disperse across the North Pacific Ocean.

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