Monday, August 16, 2021

Least Sandpiper

The most common shorebirds, on my 3 August 2021 North Point Sanderling search, were about a half-dozen Least Sandpipers. Their yellow legs are a key to their identification, as is their dark brown backs. In season, I see lots of Least Sandpipers around Olympia. This species breeds across Arctic Canada and almost all of Alaska. The winter range includes most of the southern United States south through Mexico and Central America to northern South America. During our graduate research in Ecuador, Erika and I saw Least Sandpipers in October 1975 and in August 1976. We also recorded one on the coast of northern Peru on 1 November 1973. A Least Sandpiper was one of my first birds as a birder, on 19 May 1962 in northern Virginia.

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