Sunday, August 22, 2021

Red-necked Grebe

For almost a week, a Red-necked Grebe appeared on eBird from Capitol Lake in Olympia. On 19 August 2021, Erika and I finally stopped to take a look. Amazingly, although distant, the grebe swam out on the lake when we arrived. Although Red-necked Grebes are common migrants and winter visitors to Washington, this record is only my second for the species here. Red-necked Grebes breed across much of northern parts of the Old and New Worlds. Most winter along the coasts of the northern Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Red-necked Grebes from North America and eastern Asian are larger than those in Europe and western Asia. Until 1957, Ornithologists considered these larger grebes to be a separate species called the Holboell’s Grebe (Stout and Nuechterlein 2020).

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