Sunday, August 15, 2021

Western Sandpiper

On my 3 August 2021 North Point, Olympia, Sanderling search, I fount several Western Sandpipers. They are common here, and fairly easy to identify—they are small sandpipers with reddish-brown scapular (shoulder) feathers. They have black legs and relatively short, often down-curved bills. 
One of the Western Sandpipers gave me pause. It was quite pale compared to the others. Was this a Sanderling? No, the reddish scapulars are evident on this young bird. Western Sandpipers are not really so similar to Sanderlings, which are much more of a gray, black and white bird. Western Sandpipers are far more often confused with Semipalmated Sandpipers, which lack the scapular color and which usually have even shorter bills.

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  1. A splendid specie - did these get into interior
    US - like SD?
    I did find mine in CA in 2014
    Thanks for this post/blog