Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Brown Pelican

Twice a year, eBird hosts a Big Day. This fall this event fell on 9 October 2021. When I last checked their website, over 32,000 observers around the world had contributed almost 76,000 checklists containing 7,103 species of birds for the day. In the old days, before computers, I always did a Big Day once a year in the spring. I was fanatical about it and usually totaled over 100 species. Now I am lazier, and try to contribute five checklists to the event. For Erika and me, this fall’s highlight are these six Brown Pelicans, common along the Pacific Coast but rare birds here in the south end of Puget Sound. Like Heermann’s Gulls, these pelicans have an odd range. Here in the United States' West Coast, they breed off central California before wandering north along the Pacific Coast in the late summer and fall. Then most turn around and head south for the winter. Those few that might remain in Washington do not breed here.

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