Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Lots of Ruby-crowned Kinglets in our woods this morning.  They can be identified by their small size, the nervous flicking their wings while they forage, and, in the spring, a loud, high, musical warble of clear notes--but probably not by the males' ruby crowns (which, as you can see, are usually hidden).

This winter I liked the white background in the bird portraits I took in front of snow drifts.  This is my first photo using a white foam mat for background.  Perhaps I've lost something by not having a natural background, but I am still impressed with the photo.  I will keep trying this spring.  I am disappointed not to have captured a reflection in the kinglet's eye, despite my having used the camera's flash.


  1. A snow drift back drop is handy and appealing. I can't tell the difference in using the foam when seen on your blog. After staring at so many field guides, white seems to be a good color for a back ground.

  2. Dan - As a general rule I've found that a white background is not good for photographing. Think about how hard it is to look into a bright white sky at a bird through binocs. Usually all you get is a dark blob. Try a gray background and see if that is better.

  3. Nice photo. Really.