Sunday, May 30, 2010

How to Upload Bird Songs into a Droid

I am not a computer wizard and I definitely take no responsibility for anyone following these
instructions.  You do so completely at your own risk. Nevertheless, I was able to upload the songs and photos of North American birds into my Droid.  These instructions will probably work for other smart phones and probably work on both a PC and a Mac.  I used a PC.

1. You need a copy of iTunes in your computer (there are PC and Mac versions; both are free).  Many people have iTunes in their computers. One problem is that you can not sinc two iPods from the same version of iTunes.  I was lucky that my bird calls were in Erika's iTunes on her computer.  None of our personal music was lodged there.  (You can probably load all your music plus the bird calls into the Droid.  I  did not want to try that.  By the way, the bird calls did not significantly affect the Droid's memory.)

2. The only item you need to buy is Thayer Birding Software's Guide to Birds of
North America
. Be sure to purchase the appropriate guide for your computer.  The link above is for a PC, the link below is for a Mac. If you have purchased this DVD, the Thayer folks give you permission to copy the calls to iTunes for personal use.  Instructions for transferring the Thayer files to iTunes is included in the DVD.

3. Download AutoMount into your Droid from the Droid Market or Google it on-line.  This is freeware.

4. Download DoubleTwist into your computer.  Be sure to use the PC or the Mac version. This is also freeware.

5. Run DoubleTwist.   When it asks what your phone is, connect the Droid to the USB port.  I just followed DoubleTwist's directions, and all the Thayer bird calls, along with photos of each bird, where delivered to my Droid. Be sure to open your music library and click the button that reads "sync mobile device."

6. Once the download is complete, unplug the Droid from the computer.  Go to Music on the Droid, and your bird calls can be selected.  You can even click an option to replay each call.

Hope this is clear.

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