Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, New List

The New Year inspires enthusiasm to renew my various birding lists.  This year I plan to keep a running tally of my 2011 list on a tab above my blog entries.  You are welcome to visit this list.  My modest goal is to break 300.

I am not a twitcher--I seldom chase after rare birds--at least not until a week after they disappear.  I much prefer the birds to come to me. I do keep lists: life list, year list, and Minnesota county lists. My Minnesota list stands at 264, but in any given year I tally around 200.  My Rice Co. list sports 230 species.  Annual Rice County lists range from 177 to 183.  None of my other country lists exceed 100, perhaps due to my disinclination to go chasing, or perhaps my banding ties me to my home county. 

My annual list size depends on where we have traveled.  Since 2007, my annual totals have been 206, 326, 221, and 241. The 326 resulted from a 2008 winter jaunt to California, the southwest, and Texas.  I keep all my lists on Excel files; the publication on the left might be of interest to those wishing to keep their lists in a convenient book.


  1. What is your life list total? And, how many total species are there?

  2. By my somewhat outdated count there are 9984 species of birds in the world. I figure I've seen 2328, so I've got a way to go (including finding the elusive Boreal Owl here in Minnesota).