Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Blue-headed Vireo

Genetic studies split the former Solitary Vireo into three species: eastern birds like this Blue-headed Vireo, Rocky Mountain populations, now called Plumbeous Vireos, and far western birds named Cassin's Vireos. Blue-headed Vireos breed across northern Canada, just catching northern Michigan and northeastern Minnesota, to New England, and then south through the Appalachians. Although Eckert considers this species to be common in northeastern Minnesota, throughout most of the breeding range Blue-headed Vireos are widely spaced and, due to their remote habitat, little studied (Ross 1998). This author cites surveys that indicate Blue-headed Vireo populations have increased steadily during the past 30 years. When I banded two Blue-headed Vireos last Saturday, however, I was surprised I have not banded this species since 2008 (when I banded seven). This absence explains why this post is my first for this species.

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