Friday, November 9, 2012

White-necked Stilt

After avian geneticists investigate, another bird I may add to my life list is the White-necked Stilt. I took the first photo many years ago near Buenos Aires, Argentina. Currently this bird is considered to be a race of the Black-necked Stilt, the common stilt of North America. The second photo is of a Black-necked Stilt taken several years ago in South Dakota.

White-necked Stilts are found in southern South America. White-necked Stilts have the white collar on their necks and more white on the top of their heads than do Black-necked Stilts. In the northern parts of the range, White-necked Stilts may interbreed with Black-necked birds. The two races have also interbred in captivity. Captive Black-necked Stilts have also interbred with American Avocets, which are clearly different species (Robinson et al. 1999).

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