Friday, June 21, 2013

Jade Clubtail

Until Wednesday, Jade Clubtails were known to occur from southeastern South Dakota (one record), Iowa, Indiana and Illinois south to eastern Texas and Louisiana (Odonata Central). On Wednesday, Erika and I made the first-ever observation of this dragonfly in Minnesota—at the Bass Ponds in Bloomington at the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge.

I immediately knew this was a dragonfly I had never seen—the chestnut tail told me that. Species identification was also aided by the critter’s green (not blue) eyes, black lines along the sides of the thorax, and the yellow appendages at the tip of the abdomen. The behavior and habitat also indicated a Jade Clubtail. This odonate perched on the ground near the bass ponds and the nearby forest. These clubtails prefer large, mud-bottomed lakes, sloughs, canals, and slow-flowing rivers (Paulson)—a perfect description of the Bass Ponds.

I shared these photos with Scott King, who concurred with my identification. Odonata Central also vetted the record.

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