Saturday, July 16, 2016

Loggerhead Shrike

On 13 July 2016, John Holden and I found three Loggerhead Shrikes a mile west of the 180th Street Marsh in nearby Dakota County. Shrikes are always nice to see. They are found across much of North America, but, perhaps due to changing farming practices,  everywhere populations are declining.
These birds appeared to be an adult and two young.  The tan, upper wingbar in the first two photos indicates these birds are young. The bird in the middle picture appeared to be searching for prey. When one of the adults flew up and perched next to it, the young bird fluttered its wings, successfully begging to be fed. We could not see what it ate. These shrikes prefer insects, but also consume a wide variety of small vertebrates.

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  1. I always look around the "Shrike house" when I go to 180th. When there ten days ago I saw adults and three juvies. They spent a lot of time on the wires diving into the fields for food. So fun to see. Nice that they are there year after year!