Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Rock Pigeon and Pigeon Guillemot

Yet another bird introduced to North America, Rock Pigeons have gone feral across the continent and elsewhere in the world. Pigeons were first brought here from Europe or eastern Asia in the 17th century. In case you wondered why the Pigeon Guillemot, a native seabird across the northern Pacific is named as it is, examine these images. I always thought the vaguely similar wing patterns of both species account for the guillemot’s name. Gruson (1972), however, speculates the reason is that the guillemot and the pigeon are about the same size. Erika and I took both of these images at Port Townsend, Washington, on 23 June 3021.

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  1. I wonder if the popularity of Gruel (baby pigeon meat) was what allowed these birds to take over North America? Five years ago when I started putting out feed and made a small pond for a couple wild ducks that visited every Spring I got adopted by a flock of them.

    The more I learn from them, the more impressed I get...

    They're incredibly fast and have no problem flying as fast as we drive on a freeway.

    Also when it was 109 degrees out during the heat wave they were the only wildlife I saw that appeared unaffected by the brutal heat. Their body language and behavior didn't change in the slightest.

    I'm beginning to think they're the world's most perfect bird!