Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Bewick’s Wren

Notice that this Bewick’s Wren, visiting the feeder on 17 July 2021, is banded. Audubon described this species 200 years ago and named it after a British engraver, Thomas Bewick. This wren was common across much of the central and western United States. Today Bewick’s Wrens have almost disappeared east of the Mississippi and are declining in the West. Ornithologists are not sure what caused this downward trend. Perhaps the best guess is that increasing numbers of House Wrens have adversely affected Bewick's Wrens. Other hole-nesting species, such as starlings and House Sparrows, have also been accused of out-competing Bewick’s Wrens. Other researches point at agricultural pesticides and severe winters for causing the decline in wren populations (Kennedy and White 2020). 

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