Friday, June 4, 2010


Today near Dundas I banded this Veery, which I originally banded two years ago, on 26 June 2008. Given the late June date of its original banding, I assume this Veery has a local breeding territory. The national longevity record for a banded Veery is 10-years, 1-month--banded and recovered in New Jersey. The Minnesota record is a Veery that was 4-years old, banded on 21 May 1977 and recaptured on 30 May 1981, both locations in the Lake Itasca region of Minnesota (data from Bird Banding Laboratory records).

The Veery breeds across southern Canada and northern United States. This species breeds throughout Minnesota, except for the southwest part of the state. Breeding Bird Survey data from 1994-2003 suggest, across the Veery's range, the species is especially common in northeastern Minnesota.

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