Sunday, August 7, 2016

Northern Mockingbird

One of the delights of birding is that birds may be rare at home, but common in your journeys. Such is the case with Northern Mockingbirds. At the end of March, mockingbirds were singing in New York. Male and females sing. Males may sing 150 song types, and increase with age. They mimic each other, different species, and mechanical sounds  (Farnsworth et al. 2011). As a youth in Washington DC, I heard mockingbirds mimic passing trains.


  1. Trains? That's really interesting. I've only seen the NOMO once. I wish it were more common in my area. I do hear the other mimics in the area however, such as the Gray Catbird and European Starling.

    1. I recall seeing mockingbirds twice in Aberdeen, South Dakota.

  2. I saw a pair near Yankton, SD about four years ago. They were really noisy and interesting to observe.