Thursday, July 8, 2010

Recaptures and Chickadee Tails 2

In my recent post about ageing birds by tail feather wear, I compared a Black-capped Chickadee to a Northern Cardinal.  Today I banded an adult female chickadee, and I thought comparing two tails from the same species made more sense. The worn tail on the left is from the adult chickadee, while the pointed tail feathers on the right is from the young bird.
I also recently recaptured three birds from last year--two House Wrens: one banded on 11 May 2009, recaptured on 28 June 2010; the other banded on 19 May 2009 and retrapped on 8 July 2010.  A Chipping Sparrow caught today, 8 July 2010, was banded exactly one year ago.

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