Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Black Vultures and Vinyl

On our early morning arrival at the Everglades National Park's Anhinga Trail, a sign greeted us with a warning that vultures may cause damage to parked cars.  Mysterious, we thought, but a mystery soon solved as Black Vultures began landing on the cars.  The vultures appeared to be scavenging for bugs, either window-killed or dropping from overhanging trees.  Many visitors to the park, however, warn that Black Vultures, much like New Zealand Keas, destroy rubber window sealant and window wipers. The national Park has been sued for this damage--hence the warning signs.  The attraction of rubber and vinyl for Black Vultures remains unexplained. Turkey Vultures, like the one in the photo below, kept to the skies, likely on the lookout for more traditional carrion.

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