Thursday, November 24, 2011

Banding and eBird

I continue to be fascinated by eBird. I am now keeping daily records of the numbers of birds I encounter (along with date and location). I am looking back at my bird records to see what could be entered into eBird. I hate to admit that many of my bird lists simply record new birds for the year, without precise locations. An exception is my banding records. With data files from the Bird Banding Laboratory, I have begun entering these data into eBird.

I began banding at the tender age of 20; my first bird, an Ovenbird, was ringed on 14 October 1967. Since then, I have banded 71818 individual birds! The list would be even longer, except that my banding during my college years tended to be a bit spotty (my first serious banding project was in 1970, when Erika and I did a senior project studying the ecology of William's Spring in Arizona's Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument).  Then an eight-year hiatus spans our graduate years--we were too busy studying and chasing around Peru and Ecuador.

The bird in the photograph is of a Common Yellowthroat banded this past spring near Dundas, Minnesota.  Like the banding data I am entering into eBird, this photo is somewhat serendipitous.  I have just been waiting for a chance to publish it.

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  1. What a rich record you have to share! Astounding to consider, really.