Monday, November 14, 2011

Acrobatic Red-bellied Woodpecker

This species' red belly is often hard to see--so perhaps this post should be titled Exhibitionist Red-bellied Woodpecker. While walking in the River Bend Nature Area in Faribault, Minnesota, (on 11 November 2011), Erika and I discovered this woodpecker upside-down at the very ends of Hackberry tree branches. We've seen another woodpecker species acrobatically balancing while eating Hackberry fruit. Remember my post of similar behavior by Pileated Woodpeckers? You often see Red-bellied Woodpeckers foraging like normal woodpeckers in forests or at feeders. Shackelford et al. (2000) are certainly correct when they state that this woodpecker is a "generalistic and opportunistic feeder." 

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  1. Nice capture! We saw one in the tree in front of our house yesterday and were pleased to be able to record it for the first week of Project FeederWatch.