Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bay-breasted Warbler

Saturday morning, 3 September 2011, was hot and humid. A cold front went through around mid-day, with clouds and wind.  At 5 PM I banded my first fall warbler flock. Among them were three Bay-breasted Warblers. A Confusing Fall Warbler, few diagnostic field marks are visible on this first photo. The second photo actually gives one key to identification. Note this bird's faint bay-colored flanks. Although absent on a few birds, this color is present on almost all fall Bay-breasted Warblers. With the flank feathers exposed, this color is even more visible in the second photo.
One of the other Bay-breasted Warblers, in the last photo, showed even brighter flanks. All the birds sported black feet. The very similar Blackpoll Warbler shows some yellow on its feet and always lacks the bay-colored flanks. For further discussions on Bay-breasted and Blackpoll warblers, see my posts of 5 September 20105 October 2010 and 26 May 2011.

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