Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sedge Wren

On Tuesday, Erika and I made a quick stop at the River Bend Nature Area near Faribault, Minnesota. We heard a Sedge Wren's familiar call coming from the swampy field next to the parking lot. A moment's spishing brought this curious wren up close. In July 2010, I blogged about a lot of Sedge Wren biology and included a link to the bird's call. Looking back at those earlier photos makes me chuckle over the improvement in my bird photography, the result in evolution of camera equipment rather than photographic skill. On our winter trip this year, I managed to fall on top of my camera. (I was chasing Green Jays). Even though Erika replaced my shattered lens, I do not recommend this as a strategy for updating equipment. A conundrum is that, with a larger lens, I tend to take photos of more distant birds. The results are not necessarily better photographs.

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