Sunday, July 29, 2012

Marbled Godwit

As a birder from South Dakota, I tend to think of Marbled Godwits as inhabitanst of northern Great Plains prairies. These godwits winter, however, along the coasts of the United States (southern California and the southeast), the Mexico and Central America. Marbled Godwits are monogamous and nest in low densities. They are threatened by conversion of prairie to farmland, but numbers have increased since hunting them became illegal (Gratto-Treor 2000). The godwits in the first photo foraged along the beach north of La Jolla, California, in March 2012; the godwit in the second photo was taken several years ago near Aberdeen, South Dakota.

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  1. We saw a few marbled godwits on the Shorebird Workshop outings this weekend -- always from considerable distances, though. Dave and I enjoyed seeing flocks of hundreds of them on the northern California coast in March a few years ago. Arcata, CA, celebrates Godwit Days each year!