Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Connecticut Warbler

Last Monday morning I banded a young Connecticut Warbler. Although the Minnesota Ornithologist's Union considers this species to be "regular" in Rice County, this bird is only the second of the species I have seen here (see blog post of 14 September 2010). The record is noteworthy enough to appear on Jack Siler's eBird Rarity Map, a website I discovered only today.  Here you can see where all the uncommon birds are being seen in the United States. Click on the little Google Map pins and see what rare birds are being seen! The map is updated daily. 

Connecticut Warblers nest in boreal forests across central Canada, dropping south to breed in northern Minnesota and Wisconsin. They are shy and inhabit boggy thickets. These warblers winter in northern South America in the Amazon Basin. Note the tick embedded on the upper left quadrant of this warbler's eye-ring. Perhaps the tick will hitch a ride to South America.

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