Saturday, January 19, 2013

Silver Gull

I once considered keeping a life list of birds seen at the movies or television. The rule was that the show could not be about the bird in question. The bird's appearance had to be unintended. One of the birds on my movie/tv list was a Silver Gull, one of the most common Australian gulls. One flew behind racing sloops at the America's Cup at Perth, Australia. The species earned a place on my regular life list when I found this gull as we both strolled on the promenade in front of the Sydney Opera.

This gull's age can be judged by the intensity of the red on their bills--the brighter the red, the older the bird (Wikipedia). I assume this bird is relatively young. Obviously this gull has adapted to urban environments. They scavenge and thus thrive at malls and garbage dumps. At least twice, Silver Gulls have been seen in North America (in New Jersey and New York) but these birds are assumed to be escapes from captivity. Normally the species is restricted to Australia and New Caledonia.

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