Thursday, April 25, 2013

Junco Eats Suet

This photo is of a junco at our suet feeder in Northfield, Minnesota, during Monday’s 7-inch ice and snow storm. Although juncos are known to consume Spruce Budworms in quantities, Nolan et al. (2002) do not include suet in their list of juncos’ diets. Captive birds increase fat and protein consumption during long light regimes. In any case, the recent snowfalls and cold weather seem to have halted the junco migration here in central Minnesota; juncos have swarmed around Northfield for the last few of weeks. Since 31 March, I have banded over 600 Dark-eyed Juncos!


  1. I have seen several of these intermediate-looking birds recently, with the look of wearing a dark hood but without the peachy coloring of the Oregon juncos.

    I haven't seen juncos at our suet feeders, but they've become adept at using both the hopper-style feeders and clinging to the dangling cage that holds a seed-nut-fruit block.

  2. Whoa! That is a LOT of bird banding, Dan! :-)

    Our juncos here in The Cities and way up north have always eaten suet. They even cling to our homemade suet logs. We still have 100+ in our yard, assuming that the flock is ever changing as new arrivals come in...