Thursday, August 15, 2013


Erika and I are back from a couple of days in Brainard and Walker in north-central Minnesota. We enjoyed biking, birding, and dragonflying. Actually we encountered relatively little wildlife. On the other hand, mosquitos were conspicuously absent.

Loons and Ospreys highlighted our bird lists. Ospreys once built nests on treetops, cliffs, and occasionally on the ground on predator-free islands. Now almost all Ospreys use artificial sites—harbor channel markers, communication towers, utility poles, and nesting platforms built to attract Ospreys (Poole et al. 2002). The two young Ospreys in this photograph perched high atop a stadium post at the Nisswa ball park. Hats off to the city for providing these birds a sky box to root for Nisswa sports teams!

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