Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Rufous Hornero

The Rufous Hornero is an ovenbird, a bird family that ranges throughout most of South America. This species is found from Brazil and Bolivia south through Argentina. This Hornero is monogamous and often forms lifelong pair bonds.

They build large mud nests up to 30 cm in diameter. Inside they usually have two rooms, a large nesting chamber and a smaller vestibule. There are one or two openings to the structure. The nests are built in trees, on top of fence posts, telephone poles, and even on bare ground. Up to three nests are sometimes built on top of each other. Old nests are used by other bird species.

These horneros are common and can tolerate human disturbance of their environment. In fact their range has expanded in recent history as a result of deforestation. More information can be found at the following website:

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