Sunday, April 13, 2014

Olive Sparrow

The National Wildlife Refuges and many of the State Parks in Texas feed birds and build viewing blinds. At Laguna Atascosa refuge we got great views of an Olive Sparrow. This sparrow forages on or near the ground in dense cover. As a result, little is known about Olive Sparrow biology.

This species was a new one for my USA list. I previously listed one in Mexico. Although a common resident from southern Texas south through Costa Rica, Olive Sparrows have large gaps in their range. Many ornithologists believe, among at least 9 races currently recognized, perhaps as many as three species exist—the Texas Sparrow, found in Texas and eastern Mexico, the Yucatan Sparrow, found in the Yucatan Peninsula through Belize and Guatemala, and the Pacific Sparrow, found along the west coast of Mexico. These potential species differ in size and color (Brush 2013).

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