Thursday, June 19, 2014

White-tipped Dove

Last February, Erika and I enjoyed a parade of birds at our Edinburg, Texas, friend’s bird feeder. White-tipped Doves are found north from the Amazon Basin north through Central America, both coasts of Mexico, and just reaching southern Texas. I previously blogged on this species, from our last Texas trip.

Texas White-tipped Dove populations seem to be in decline. Ornithologists are at a loss to explain this trend. The species is hunted, but a more likely cause is that only about 5% of mesquite forests remain in south Texas. (Our friends are protecting the mesquite forests on their land.) These doves, on the other hand, do breed in suburban settings and citrus orchards. Thus the downward trend in White-winged Dove numbers needs further study (Kelly 1999).

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