Saturday, July 5, 2014

Tree Swallow

Last week, Erika and I were walking through the forest edge of the Carleton Arboretum when I heard musical chirping above us.  I looked up to see a first-year Tree Swallow looking down at us. At first I thought it was a Bank Swallow.  The breast band, however, is pale and lacks a downward running point. Thanks to Matt for pointing out my error.


  1. Dan, are you sure the bird in the pic isn't a juvenile Tree Swallow? That breast band is pretty faint, and it lacks the central spike found on most (adult) Bank Swallows. I'm not sure from this one pic, but I think ID of juvenile Tree vs. Bank Swallows (especially juveniles) is underappreciated.

  2. It was better Tree Swallow habitat, but the breast band was more evident in life than at the angle of the photograph.