Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Pelagic Cormorant

On 22 July 2014 on the Bremerton—Seattle Ferry, Erika and I saw numerous Pelagic Cormorants. The cormorants were a bit more difficult to identify this year than in previous years. Usually you can clearly see a white patch at the hind base of the wing.  This cormorant must be a juvenile. Species identification is bolstered by the relatively straight neck and thin, dark bill.

Pelagic Cormorants are misnamed, because they are not really oceanic birds. The birds prefer inshore areas. they feed mostly on fish and bottom-dwelling invertebrates. These cormorants are found along the coasts of the North Pacific. As are many seabirds, cormorants are threatened by oil spills, gill nets, and environmental contamination.

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