Friday, February 13, 2015

Canada Goose

On Sunday, one hundred Canada Geese loitered along the Cannon River in Carleton College’s arboretum.  I took a photo for  This bird stood on one foot, but, after ruffling its feathers, walked to the water on both feet.  I believe these geese were small Canada Geese rather than large Cackling Geese, which would have sported shorter bills.  

Canadas are the most abundant of North American geese. They are monogamous and form life-long pairs.  During the first year, offspring remain with parents. In many areas, increases in breeding populations have mixed migrants and local birds. The result has been a confusing mixture of genes and general genetic chaos among flock members.  Flocks have become so large, that they become a nuisance in many urban areas. Over 27,000, for example, have been reported from Minneapolis (Mobray et al. 2002).

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